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Small Wonders at Temple Judea

 Small Wonders is excited to be open for another great year of school. With all proper COVID-19 health and safety guidelines being followed, we are confident we can provide your child with an enriching preschool experience. ❤️, Sheryl

It's all about the kids.

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We offer four age groups as well as extended day programs. All programs are developmentally appropriate and offer individualized attention and learning experiences to meet each child's needs.

Twos - Threes - Fours - Fives - Extended

Pre School - two year olds no1 - 400 wide

Two Year Olds

For two-year-olds, our toddler program is a loving “first school experience.” This program provides an environment of gentle nurturing through play and discovery. The children learn to feel safe away from mom or dad. Fine motor skills are enhanced through daily arts and crafts activities, as well as many and varied educational toys and equipment. Outdoor time, music, and gym help in enhancing gross motor skills.

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Three Year Olds

Our three-year-old program focuses on the whole child in all phases of early childhood development. Special attention is given to group dynamics. As the year begins, each child spends time working one on one with his/her teacher. This encourages self-esteem, a feeling of security and the acquisition of skills. As the year progresses the children gain the ability to see themselves as contributing members of a group.

Through play the children learn the group dynamics that are so important for the socialization aspect of school. Taking turns, sharing a toy, caring for a friend and using kind words are just a few of our goals. At Small Wonders at Temple Judea, we use redirection and problem solving opportunities to guide our children into making good choices. This provides all the children with negotiating skills, and gives them the language needed to resolve disagreements in a constructive and positive manner; a valuable lifetime skill.

Our day consists of circle time, music and art projects that are designed to strengthen fine motor skills. Snack time, play time, small group activities and time on the playground are used to help develop important gross motor skills.

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Pre School - Thee year olds no1- 450 wide

Pre School - Four year olds no1- 450 wide

Four Year Olds

Our prekindergarten program, for children who are four by September 1, provides a solid foundation for a child who will be entering kindergarten the following year or moving on to our five-day “Grow Year and Enrichment” Program.

At Small Wonders at Temple Judea, our prekindergarten is led by a team of teachers, using their creative talents and many years of teaching experience, to foster the learning spirit in each child.

Our mornings include readiness skills for math, reading, writing, language arts and science are introduced using stimulating and engaging multidisciplinary approaches which include visual, auditory, and tactile lessons and activities. Teacher-directed as well as hands-on experiences motivate the children and foster a feeling of excitement towards learning these new skills.

The children experience many fun and interesting opportunities to develop a positive self-image, language development, listening skills, self-help skills, fine motor skills, and artistic creativity. These developmental areas are reinforced through literature-based lessons and songs as well as through structured playtime and exciting learning centers.

Activities are blended into each day, allowing both the educational and creative opportunities to be expressed. The Small Wonders' “Color Express Train” and amazing “Alphabet Adventure” are just two of the hallmarks that this sound program has to offer. Whether it’s putting your math skills to the test in the “Autumn Treasure Hunt” or wondering what “Concept Charlie” will be up to next, the children arrive each day excited to learn, play, experience, and discover all that the day has to offer.

The children in this program also benefit from several fun and educational field trips. Visits to the Log House at the Mercer Museum and the James A. Michener Art Museum provide valuable educational experiences away from our regular preschool environment (when regulations allow).

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5 Year Olds Pic Original - 600 wide

Five Year Olds

For five year olds we offer both the Sunbeam Program and a p.m kindergarten enrichment program for children attending morning public kindergarten. See below for details on both of these programs.


Our Sunbeam program is designed for five and six year olds and is an excellent way to provide your child with a “Grow Year” prior to attending Kindergarten. Even though your child might meet the age requirement for Kindergarten, he or she may not yet meet the ever increasing expectations required by school districts in our area. Some children need a little extra time to mature and gain more experience and our curriculum and nurturing teachers will guide your child through this process so he/she is prepared.

A typical week in the Sunbeam classroom includes our journal writing, and reading days, where we focus on pre-reading skills, sight words, and proper letter formation. We will also incorporate the first hundred Fry sight words and foster your child’s “kid writing” skills. During math we develop our number sense. Number identification, formation, addition, subtraction, greater than/ less than, money and telling time to the hour and half hour are all concepts we incorporate into our math days. 

Every day we teach those learning to learn skills such as sitting in a circle, raising a quite hand, following directions etc. Throughout the year we also help your child with their social and emotional development. It is a fun and happy class, to foster your child’s growth and development. 

Kindergarten Enrichment

Children join us for lunch and enrichment type activities including journal writing using “kid writing,” with a focus on letter formation, letter sounds and sight words, and also learn sign language. We develop our number sense by practicing the proper formation of numbers and play number games. The skills we cover are; addition, subtraction, greater than/less than, money and time. Science, social studies, music, arts and crafts and playtime round out our days. We build upon the Central Bucks kindergarten curriculum.

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Extended Day Programs



Creative Afternoons, including lunch, run Monday through Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. The following choices are available:

Monday – Creative Movement & Yoga
Tuesday – Super Science and Magical Math
Wednesday –Spanish
Thursday – Game Day
Friday – a choice of Travel Around the World or Judaic Fun

You may enroll your 3, 4 or 5 year old for any or all of these afternoons.

We are an equal opportunity care provider.

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Pre School - two year olds no1 - 400 wide

Play Care

Play Care is available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m., and/or from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. This can be set up as a full-year schedule, or available on an as needed basis; with at least 48 hours advance notice.

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Throughout Our School - 350wide

Throughout Our School

Our Character Education Program rewards acts of kindness and encourages all of the pro-social behaviors we strive to teach. It also promotes a sense of belonging to a group, builds positive self-esteem and instills confidence. We like to include our families in this program as much as possible so that the children see us as a team of cheerleaders for them! The children are so proud and eager to share their goodness with others.

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