Social Action, Social Justice. "Tikkun Olam".

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Tikkun Olam refers to the human responsibility for fixing what is wrong with the world. This is a basic principle of Enlightened Judaism.

It endows us with Purpose!

Tikkun Olam also includes tzedakah (charitable giving) and gemilut chasidim (acts of kindness).

Temple Judea is a leader in Tikkun Olam. We teach this value to our kids. We participate together. We jointly work with other community organizations for this Enlightened and Sacred Purpose.

Tikkun Olam

The Kabbalistic teaching is that whenever we do an act of kindness, Tikkun Olam, we gather divine sparks of Light that God scattered in the world and by gathering the Light we repair the world.

In past years, we have sponsored many events of Tzedakah, such as:

  • Rummage Sale that benefits the wider community and that the community looks forward to every Fall to get excellent bargains clothing and household items
  • Thanksgiving food baskets
  • Helping at the Central Bucks Code Blue Shelter, an emergency shelter to the homeless

We also have participated in numerous Social Justice causes: meeting with our Congressperson, joining community marches concerning social issues. We participate in an interfaith collection of churches (and synagogue) to jointly lead what we call Tikkun Olam projects.




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