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Tzedakah (righteousness) is a basic Jewish value and is considered to be an act of justice. Maimonides described types of charitable giving, with the most righteous being helping others to become self-supporting.

Temple Judea provides membership, scholarship, and pastoral care to anyone regardless of their means. We strive to help others make connections and utilize our counseling and teachings to better themselves.

There are many ways to contribute, including volunteering as well as providing financial support.

Temple Judea


Scrip (Gift Card) Program is a program through which you can order gift cards at their face value–while you get the gift card at the purchase price, Temple Judea also gets a percentage of the value of the card as a donation to our operating funds.

The percentage donation is dependent on the card purchased, but each “rebate” back to Temple Judea quickly adds back to make the donation an important source of funds to the Temple. Simply go to to create your account and order scrip cards. Orders placed at this site are processed by our office on the 15th and 30th of the month, and you will receive your gift cards within a week of the processing date.

The first time you enter the ordering system, you will need to paste code number CDE683242L452 into the system.


You can start contributing to Temple Judea simply by clicking on the icon below to link to and place your order there! Temple Judea will receive a percentage of your purchase. To make things easier, you can also go to

Log in and choose Temple Judea of Bucks County as your organization. Just start shopping at every time you shop on amazon a portion of your purchases will come to us. offers a way for you to do your regular on-line shopping and contribute a percentage of your purchases back to Temple Judea. The shopping mall includes hundreds of on-line merchants. Just go to the site, sign up with your email address, and start shopping (and feel free to use your credit card to shop as you always do). It couldn’t be easier.





Temple Judea of Bucks County
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(Please be sure to use the PO Box address for all correspondence)
Phone: 215.348.5022 - Fax: 215.268.3410
Temple Judea is a reform synagogue serving the Doylestown, Bucks County, PA, area.