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Kabbalah explains the relationship between God (Eternal, Infinite, Ein Sof) and our mortal and finite universe (Creation). While Kabbalah originated in more traditional circles, it has now become popular throughout all Jewish denominations around the world.

We are fortunate to have Rabbi Richard Simon, who has been teaching Kabbalah for over 30 years.



Miraculous Living:

A Practical Introduction to Kabbalah

With Rabbi Richard Simon

כתר --- INTENTION --- Emptiness & Nothingness; Purity of Soul; K’lipot (Filters); Energy; Silence; You Are Holy; Wings of Spirit.

Meditation on Breath

חכמה --- WISDOM --- Emptying Mind; Great Mind; Right Mind; Beyond Duality; Truth; Divine Chariot; Nothing is Certain.

Meditation on Clearing the Mind

Session 3 – July 28

בינה --- UNDERSTANDING --- Separation; Patterns; Knowing God; Knowing Yourself; Reason & Logic; Mindfulness; Transient Knowledge & Essential Knowledge.

Meditation on Silence

Session 4 – August 25

חסד --- COMPASSION --- Infinite Love; Suffering; Right-Making; Grace & Compassion; Selflessness; Mistakes.

Meditation on Light

Session 5 – September 29

גבורה --- STRENGTH --- Self-Discipline; Discernment; Justice; Sacrifice; Freedom; Love & Fear; Beyond Fear.

Meditation on Guidance

Session 6 – October 27

תפארת --- HARMONY --- Midpoint; Balance & Harmony; Courage & Openheartedness; Confusion; Listening from the Heart; Praying; Beauty.

Meditation on Centering

Session 7 – November 24

נצח --- SUCCESS --- Focus & Priorities; Self-Responsibility; Motivation; Will Power; Energy; Transformation; Infinite Possibilities.

Meditation on Awakening Consciousness

Session 8 – December 29

הוד --- GLORY --- Let Go!; God as Partner; Glory of Soul; Ego; Joy; Conscious Living; Essential Speech & Pure Action.

Meditation on Remaining Conscious

Session 9 – January 26, 2019

יסוד --- CREATIVITY --- Born of God; Love Yourself; Divine Sexuality; Relationships; Soul Mates; Spiritual Intimacy; Travel Lightly.

Meditation on the Flame

Session 10 – February 23

מלכות --- NOBILITY --- Your Majesty; Reality; Dreams; Walk Your Talk; Return, Redeem, Redefine; New Beginnings; All Is One.

Meditation on Perfection



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