You Don't Have to Be Jewish to Be a Member or a Guest

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That's right. We invite and accept all people no matter what faith they bring with them. So Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Zen... you name it. You're invited!

We offer our own spirituality and are delighted to learn about yours. Everyone is accepted who wishes to advance their own spirituality and to learn more about all faiths. We are an interfaith Temple and accept people of LGBTQ community as well. And we offer interfaith weddings too.

Sign up below and let us start a long-term relationship. You can become a Jewish Member, a Non-Jewish Member and a Guest.

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Temple Judea Is an Enlightened Reform Synagogue


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Temple Judea of Bucks County -
38 Rogers Road - PO BOX 109 -
Furlong, PA 18925

Phone: 215.348.5022 - Fax: 215.268.3410 -