Flag of Israel. 3D illustration of the Israeli flag waving.



Long before we were called “Jews”, we were called “Israelite's”. We shared the love for and the identity of being The People of Israel. To this day, we remain connected, inseparably so, to Israel.

We at Temple Judea– like our brothers and sisters in Israel, and together with Jews residing in so many nations around the world– share this pride in Israel. We share pride in its technology, pride in its economic miracles, pride in its educational advances, pride in its thriving national culture.

Our people’s history is 3,500 years ancient, by contemporary archeological dating. And yet, modern Israel’s history is a mere 70 years old!

Think about the miracle. Share it!

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The elders amongst us may remember Israel’s founding in 1948. The Boomers among us remember Israel’s harrowing travails during the Yom Kippur War and Six Day War. We all stood witness to the Intifada uprisings among the Palestinians, and Israel’s efforts to achieve peace. We all remember Yitzhak Rabin’s peace-making efforts, and the Camp David Accords, which at the time promised a more peaceful future.

Today, we thank God for the military prowess that created the Iron Dome protecting Israel from raining missiles that still threaten us. And yet, together with our brethren in Israel, we continue to share the pain and worry over unceasing hostilities in the Middle East. We continue to pray fervently for Peace and Justice, the still-powerful call of our ancient prophets to the world.

Temple Judea is working to share our enlightened approach to Judaism with Israel. At the same time, we’re working to bring Israel closer to us: to our children and our families.

After all, the majority of Israel’s citizens live predominantly secular lives. That sense of community and pride in Jewish identity, beyond mere “religion”, is what we also seek in Temple Judea.

We are deeply linked!



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