An Enlightened Approach to Judaism


Do you love Jewish culture and deeply want this for your family? Yet, intellectually, do you resist all the “have to’s” and the “guilt”?

Do you often feel like you have two identities?  One Jewish? One secular?

Temple Judea takes an enlightened, more spiritual approach to Judaism that brings these two sides together.

Building upon the principles of the 19th  Jewish Enlightenment, or Haskalah, Temple Judea is Truth-based and Tradition-inspired. There is no conflict between secular-scientific knowledge and traditional Jewish teachings, here. You can be “one person”, with one fulfilling, vibrant Jewish life experience!

Our more unified and spiritual approach to Jewish life boils down to three enlightened principles:  1)  Seek the Good in Life or “God”  2 ) Care about all Life and Creation  2) Bring about Peace and Justice for all Humankind. This is the core message of our ancient prophets. This is the light kindled by all the different branches of Judaism’s menorah.

In fact, at Temple Judea you will find something extra-ordinary: Rather than have one rabbi, with just one single opinion, we have a Clergy Team (See Clergy) comprising Rabbis from different Jewish denominations. Each brings hs/r specialty knowledge and unique flavors. And yet, all teach and share one powerful spiritual message.

Profound knowledge! Creatively-taught! That’s what we mean by enlightened.

Our enlightened approach welcomes diversity of opinion. So, whether you are “born Jewish”, “converted”, or “inter-faith married”, you will find a home here. Even if you’re an atheist or agnostic, you’ll find a home here. After all, the concept of “God” is Beyond human concept; intelligent atheism is often an attempt to avoid “idols”.

Because Temple Judea is Truth-based, we also welcome all compatible spiritual knowledge from other religions, philosophies or meditative practices. Now, is your opportunity to bring your spiritual knowledge and experiences into a truly open synagogue, to help refresh contemporary Jewish Life.

Even more powerfully, the clergy at Temple Judea can help you discover or develop your own personal experience of God. They can show you the value of our inspired Way-of-Life. This will not only make you proud of your Judaism. It will also enable you to adapt Judaism’s teachings, easily, creatively, to your particular lifestyle and needs.

In short, Temple Judea is refreshing the spirit of the early Reformers, who challenged the rigid religious rules and flat-out superstitions of the past, emphasizing instead Judaism’s universal and spiritual teachings.

Be inspired. Be proud. Help bring about what Kabbalah or Jewish Mysticism, called Tikkun Olam, a holy Repair of the World.

Come experience Judaism like you’ve never experienced it before.

Enlighten yourself.

Enlighten others.

Share the Light!

Temple Judea of Bucks County
38 Rogers Road, PO BOX 109 - Furlong, PA 18925
(Please be sure to use the PO Box address for all correspondence)
Phone: 215.348.5022 - Fax: 215.268.3410
Temple Judea is a reform synagogue serving Doylestown area in Bucks County Pennsylvania