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Temple Judea

For BB Support: the above saved/placed ROW is showing "some" font but not the named font. Note that this SAVED ROW is used elsewhere on site. So, do NOT change it and save it as it will propagate. But note that the font displayed is not the font specified. Do whatever, but do not save it.

Oddly enough, the below SM ICON links now work??? What to say???

Overall situation: saved Modules, Rows, Templates seem to lose their links to things when placed.

Alice Font Here. Check on the actual page.

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Temple Judea of Bucks County
38 Rogers Road, PO BOX 109 - Furlong, PA 18925
(Please be sure to use the PO Box address for all correspondence)
Phone: 215.348.5022 - Fax: 215.268.3410
Temple Judea is a reform synagogue serving the Doylestown, Bucks County, PA, area.